This site is committed to publishing essays, images, and other forms of expressions which advocate a wider optic for apprehending race, one that recognizes the pivotal role that plantation America(s) played, as a key space for the practice of race, but one that moves beyond these Americas, to grasp the relational and singular productions of these identity constructs and practices. For Global Blackness announces itself through its attentiveness to the global production of states of unfreedoms that stitch together life on a planet led by those who believe in models of economic growth that proceed roughshod over the majority of the planet’s inhabitants and ecologies. And whose vision of the world is undergirded by an economy of aesthetics and affect that marginalize and deride the contributions of the ‘othered’ ones. We seek not only to disclose and analyze the debilitating conditions of race, but to highlight the disruptive counter-modes of dwelling and being that continue to re-emerge as strategies of shaping and sharing more humane alternatives.