Bridget Wooding

Dr. Bridget Wooding has specialized in the field of human development, migration, gender, human rights and statelessness.  She is currently the Coordinator of the woodingthink tank Caribbean Migration and Development Observatory (OBMICA), based in Santo
Domingo.  She is the author of the book titled Needed But Unwanted: Haitian migrants and their descendants in the Dominican Republic (2004), available in English, Spanish and French.  She is also co-editor, with Wilfredo Loz
ano of the book: Los Retos del Desarrollo Insular. Desarrollo sostenible, migraciones y derechos humanos en las relaciones dominico-haitianas en el siglo XXI (2008), available in French and Spanish.  She is the editor of the book Mujeres en el Camino (2011)which profiles, on the one hand, the situation of Dominican women who have returned to the country having survived human trafficking and, on the other hand, the new vulnerabilities of Haitian migrant women in their cross-border movement following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. She is co-author of the book: Fanm Nan Fwontye, Fanm Toupatou: Making visible the violence agaist migrant, in-transit and displaced women on the Dominico-Haitian border (2012), available in English, Spanish and French. More recently, she has published research on migration, environment and climate change including an assessment report for the Dominican Republic, co-authored with Marcos Morales and published by the IOM in early 2016.

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