Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián

Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián is Lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the School of Modern Languages & Cultures, Durham University, United Kingdom. He lectures on contemporary Caribbean texts and diasporas, cinema and visual culture, the historical avant-gardes, and the cultures of the insular, colonial and post-colonial Atlanticadrian-2His  research interests include visual, gender / queer, and race theories of the Hispanic and Francophone Caribbean, with a particular focus on island studies, post-creolizing processes, and local / global ecologies. He is particularly interested in evolving and longstanding discourses of Atlantic space, encompassing connections between the Caribbean, the Americas, the Canary Islands, Africa and continental Europe.

He is  currently completing a book manuscript on Surrealism and avant-garde movements in the Caribbean and the Canary Islands Since October 2016, he serves as a CI (Co-Investigator) for the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) four-year research grant, Open World Research Initiative (OWRI), a large multi-institutional and interdisciplinary programme of research, Cross-Language Dynamics: Reshaping Community, supervised by Professor Stephen Hutchings (University of Manchester). He is an associate editor of the journal Cultural Dynamics: Insurgent Scholarship on Culture, Politics and Power.


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